Tips If Your Flight Is Cancelled

flightCancelled flights aren’t as uncommon as you think. Anything from mechanical problems, unfavorable weather, or other factors can lead to a flight cancellation. Take a deep breath and relax. What’s so bad about an extra day of vacation? 🙂

1. Reschedule your flight.

Check to see if you can reschedule the next flight out with your airline, or see if other airlines have any open seats for that day. You should have some options, but if not, reschedule to the next flight out the following morning.

2. Check if the airline is offering you a free hotel stay.

This varies and depends on your situation. Last year when my flight from Germany to the USA was cancelled, Lufthansa offered a free hotel stay with dinner, breakfast, and transportation included.

3. Express your concern

Believe it or not, letting the people at the ticket counter know about the inconvenience of your situation (ex.: having to work the next day) could score you an upgraded ticket on your next flight. I was upgraded to business class on my rescheduled flight for no extra cost AND I got free chocolate. Now that’s great customer service on Lufthansa’s part!

4. Don’t stress

If you’re confused, lost, or overwhelmed, ask for help! Remember, you will make it to your destination. If you don’t feel comfortable leaving the airport, then stay there — it has everything you need and more. If you do leave, make sure you’re back early before your flight.